Long layered DIY haircut


I actually cut my own hair last week using this video tutorial. I watched the video a couple times until I felt comfortable with how Silvia went through the steps. Then, I got my supplies together: a couple larger hair clips, a fairly narrow-toothed comb, and a hair cutting shears, plus a spray bottle with water.

Next, I combed through my wavy/curly hair and decided how much hair to trim–a quarter inch seemed about right, since my last haircut was in late August, and it wasn’t so grown out that I could still see where my stylist last cut my layers. I sectioned off my hair just like Silvia in the video, except I spritzed my hair with water very lightly so that it was slightly damp but not wet. This helped keep the frizz to a minimum (I never brush or comb my hair when dry, it makes the curl go crazy). I then trimmed up the layers, and shazam! Free haircut. I washed my hair afterward and double-checked the layers when wet, doing a bit of cleanup, but overall, I think I did a good job. Photo below.

I mostly keep my hair in the same style and length, but I usually lop off a couple extra inches in the spring, so will try my hand at that once the weather warms up.