Gaming frugality – month two

A brief update on our goals:

    • give up beer until summer – Update: Have not purchased any beer. I think I’ve also lost 3 lbs. because of this. We did buy one bottle of Malibu rum because we could get the giant bottle for $10 after a $4 rebate. New goal: forego beer as long as possible.
    • one fancy coffee drink per month  – Update: I think we got a couple coffees each in the last month, using them as a reward for doing something else. Husband is trying to wake up early a couple days per week and get to a free class at our gym, so is using coffee as his reward. New goal: we can get fancy coffees if there is a BOGO, but only if we have met the previous month’s gym goal of 12 visits or made it to a class at the gym.
    • both will bike/walk to work once it is warmer than 30 degrees when we leave – Update: wow, this is tough, because for a couple weeks, it rained every afternoon when it was quittin’ time for me, so I elected to drive. Husband rode bike quite a bit in June, though. New goal: try to walk at least 2x per week, and if driving, must pair it with some other errand (immediately go to gym after work, for example).
    • only eat out together for dates, not as a convenience – do more meal planning – Update: this has been going fairly well. I think we only broke this rule once in the past month and a half. New goal: just keep on planning a couple meals per week and have cheap/easy things so we are not tempted to eat out.
    • husband will not get professional massages, and will visit the chiropractor only once per month, as needed – Update: still going well; I think husband visited the chiropractor once last month. New goal: not needed.
    • no new clothes unless essential for work – Update: I did buy a new swim suit because one was completely shot, and a pair of shoes when I was in Chicago. New goal: keep using Pinterest for ideas to use pieces I already own.
    • no new makeup, nail polish, other frivolous lady temptations for me – Update: I threw away some almost-empties in Chicago to have more room in luggage, and purchased a new BB cream and powder, for less than $10 total. New goal: continue to avoid these aisles.
    • I will eliminate lady temptations by only going to Target for groceries – Update: I bought the aforementioned makeup at Target. New goal: not needed.
    • Buy gifts primarily with credit card points for – no gift purchases yet, but still accumulating points. New goal: not needed.

    Also, I requested and started reading John Bogle’s The Little Book of Common Sense Investing from the library and shifted some of our investments based on this.

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