Gaming frugality – month one

Early in April, I posted about the serious discussion my husband and I had about being seriously frugal to meet our financial goals sooner rather than later. So I thought I’d report on how we’re doing after a month. The stated goals and their follow up:

  • give up beer until summer – Update: our fridge and cupboard are now beer-less, after drinking the remaining Stella, Hoegaarden, and Third Street Brewing company remainders we had. I believe we did buy one six-pack right before my birthday at the end of the month, so on this count, we basically failed. New goal: no beer until the 4th of July.
  • one fancy coffee drink per month  – Update: Total and utter failure because of our vacation to Seattle, world capitol of coffee and fancy coffee drinks (which were part of the vacation budget), plus BOGO deals at our favorite local coffee shops. New goal: we can get fancy coffees if there is a BOGO, but only if we have met the previous month’s gym goal of 12 visits.
  • both will bike/walk to work once it is warmer than 30 degrees when we leave – Update: holy cow, winter lasted forever, so this is only a half failure. When we returned from Seattle, I felt really stupid driving my car less than a mile to work, so I started walking. Husband is still driving since he gets done with work at crazy late times (3:30am sometimes!). I drove one day last week since I needed my car for work, and I drove today because I woke up late. New goal: pump up my bike tires and continue walking or biking every day that I can. Encourage husband to bike when he doesn’t work late.
  • only eat out together for dates, not as a convenience – do more meal planning – Update: we actually did plan a few meals in the past few weeks, and we bought easy things to make so we have been doing pretty well on this count. I am counting this as a win. New goal: just keep on planning a couple meals per week and have cheap/easy things so we are not tempted to eat out.
  • husband will not get professional massages, and will visit the chiropractor only once per month, as needed – Update: total win, no massages, and only one chiro visit in April. New goal: not needed.
  • no new clothes unless essential for work – Update: I did buy one purse before our vacation. New goal: use Pinterest for ideas to use pieces I already own.
  • no new makeup, nail polish, other frivolous lady temptations for me – Update: I bought one new nail polish, and counted it as a birthday present. New goal: avoid these aisles altogether.
  • I will eliminate lady temptations by only going to Target for groceries – Update: total win, have gone to Target only for groceries. New goal: not needed.
  • Buy gifts primarily with credit card points for – haven’t needed to buy any gifts, but we do have points to use for this. New goal: not needed.

Overall, not great, but not terrible.

3 thoughts on “Gaming frugality – month one

  1. Cool, thanks for the update! I appreciate your openness about both your challenges and your successes. It sounds like on balance, you’ve made some good progress.

  2. I like that you have set reasonable, attainable goals and are doing great at crossing things off the list. And the goals you didn’t meet were for pretty good reasons 🙂

  3. Great start. When we (re)started our frugality approach, there were several easy things right off the bat. We were amazed at how quickly the money built up with just those first simple moves. Be careful, though, it’s addicting!

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