Stuff I’ve found on Pinterest

I have been using Pinterest for a few months now, and I find it really fun and there are some great ideas out there to save time and money. I’ve got a Financial Board where I pin things that are more specific to personal finance.

One of my pins is from a woman whose family lives on $28k per year. I’ve started reading some of the posts in the series and it’s very enlightening. One thing they do that would be difficult for me but not impossible: they only drink water. Milk is for cereal and recipes only, and juice is a rare treat for making homemade popsicles. Lots of interested ideas for living on less.

I also found a cool infographic that explains what kids should know about managing money as they grow up. I think there are definitely things in each stage that many adults still need to learn, so worth a look.

Lastly, Nick Hanauer’s TED Talk in which he explains that middle-class earners are the real job creators. He explains in such a simple, elegant way how the rich have gotten richer and how trickle down economics is a bogus idea that hasn’t panned out for either major political party.

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