Debt timeline

I’ve re-done some math and have determined that, even with buying our ‘new’ used car, we can get out of debt by the end of 2013, not February of 2014 as previously posted. This is less than 2 years from now, fewer than 24 months. We actually recently discussed cutting everything unless it was absolutely necessary, to see how much of an impact that could make on our debt snowball. We determined we could shorted up our debt timeline by a couple months, but it wasn’t a significant enough dent to forego some of the things we love–our lunch dates out, for instance–so we decided we’ll just try to stick to the spending plan as closely as possible so our timeline doesn’t get longer. I’ve set up one of those annoying tickers to track our debt:

The end is in sight!

2 thoughts on “Debt timeline

  1. I like your practical approach to getting rid of your debt snowball. You’re doing it systematically and methodically, but not by refusing to actually live your lives in the process. Keep up those lunch dates!

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