Student loan saga continues

I logged into my student loan servicer account last week to check on an extra payment I made that hadn’t gone through yet, and discovered my loan balance was listed as $0. I immediately wondered where in the world my loans went this time… if you haven’t been following the story of my student loans, suffice it to say that I’ve dealt with so many servicers, I’ve lost count. I’m guessing this is somewhat normal, but it seems my loans do a heck of a lot more traveling than I do.

I called the customer service number and quickly learned where my loans had been moved, and promptly signed up for a new online account. Honestly, I think the best part of being debt free will be never having to think about where my loans are at any given moment.

I e-mailed the new servicer because my account is not fully active yet, and I’m unable to make payments. They responded within 24 hours that it will take 1-2 weeks for all of my files to be transferred. My main concern is that I’m going to miss a payment date, and that interest is still accruing at an unknown rate (because I qualified for an interest rate deduction for having auto payments set up with my previous servicer).

I’m just glad that, even having bought a replacement vehicle, these loans can still be completely gone by February of 2014, give or take a month or two. That’s less than 24 months from now, so the end really is in sight.

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