So close…

We are very close to paying off debt #2.

I am a bit annoyed with the Federal Student Loan servicer because they are switching websites sometime in early October (supposedly) and then will be no more. It will then be, which means all of my payment history will probably be wiped out, just as it was when I switched servicers when consolidating my debt. And, no doubt, won’t work with the new site right away, which means tracking the debt snowball with the ‘Goals’ feature will be messed up. I can’t really see a positive to this, other than maybe the new site being easier to use… we shall see.

Husband and I have had houses on the brain since seeing a listing for a super cheap-o house in a neighborhood we like. Like, $60K cheap. The major issue that made it so cheap? No appliances. But I just saw that as a potential opportunity to have the freezer-on-the-bottom fridge, the energy efficient dishwasher, the gas range with warming drawer, and the front-loader HE washing machine that I so desire. Someone else snatched up the house within a couple days, but it got us more seriously considering getting pre-approved.

We checked with the loan specialist at my husband’s credit union, and determined our income will most definitely allow us to buy what we want (small, probably older home, in the middle of the city). However, we decided we definitely want to pay off all of the debt before saving for that down payment. And, we’d like to go on that trip to Paris before buying a house, too. Maybe even get that convertible I’d really like. Why? Because we are weird, that’s why.

I actually mentioned my dream to buy a house with 100% cash to a family member at our vacation last month, and got a very “you are really WEIRD” look, but that is absolutely okay with me. So what if we live in an apartment until we’re 35? So what if we insist on a 15 year mortgage that can be paid off before we retire? So what if we care more about being able to save money than have a McMansion? As Dave Ramsey says, normal is broke–don’t be normal.

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