Annoyed by reality

My husband told me a couple weeks ago that we need new tires on the vehicle he drives. This is kind of a bummer since we’ve only had the car for a bit over a year, but we have driven it a lot and the tires might have been older than we were told originally, unbeknownst to the dealer.

I also found out yesterday that my vision prescription has changed in one eye, to the point that I was getting eye strain headaches and pulsating eyeballs and thought I might have a brain tumor. Not really, but I at least wanted to rule out glaucoma. I don’t have glaucoma, I’m just my parents’ child and will probably eventually need bi-focals, then tri-focals.

I am just annoyed with both of these facts since that’s going to end up being a significant amount of money. It’s no problem in our budget, just will slow down the debt snowball a bit, but I have a Big Birthday on the way and was hoping to get something significant to mark the date. I like having a tangible remembrance of big life events, which is why I love both my graduate school commencement gifts so much, a right hand ring and a Coach bag. Oh, well…

One happy surprise, though, was that our medical insurance covered my eye exam, so that’s $100 I didn’t have to spend. Does that mean I can buy a new Coach purse after all?