The little things

Yesterday was a major spending holiday for many couples. Whether for good or bad, my husband had to work, so I spent the evening at the gym (which was very quiet) and watching a library DVD at home. I enjoyed looking at the roses he bought me last week (knowing he worked the weekend, as well, he planned ahead) and we’ve already enjoyed our present to each other a couple times: we bought a board game. It’s our enjoyment of these ‘little things’ that help us go some days without spending one red cent. Then I got to thinking about our other inexpensive or even free hobbies…

At the beginning of this month, I got of books in the mail and am keeping up with ‘one book per week’ reading schedule. I volunteered to be a judge for a major local writing prize, so the books aren’t mine to keep, but it’s been nice to read fun fiction with a purpose. All it’s going to cost me: a tank of gas when I go to a meeting to decide the winner.

We had to renew our XBox Live subscription this month, but thanks to pre-paid cards that can be found on the cheap, this ends up costing us about $.10/day for the entire year. It seems we’re always streaming something, whether it’s Netflix, music, or playing a game. I suppose we also have to count our Netflix subscription and our internet connection into those costs, but we had those before we had the XBox, so it’s not an ‘added’ cost in our budget.

One thing we have yet to do this winter is bust out our cross-country skiing gear. We borrow skis from my parents and hit the park with our $35 annual park pass, which we also use for walks in the spring/summer/fall. We actually live very close to a [very small] lake, so we also walk the path around our nearby park pretty frequently in the warmer months.

Those are just a few things, but inexpensive interests definitely help us put more money toward debt each month.

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