Love and forgetfulness

I’m going to preface this by saying I love my husband to bits, and I am really lazy about dusting.

Last Friday, my husband and I were getting ready to go out to dinner with a friend, and he couldn’t locate his wallet. He said the last time he knew he had it was on Tuesday evening, because we went to the YMCA to work out, and then stopped for Taco Tuesday at a local Mexican fast-food place [ed. note: yes, we worked out and then ate fried things, what!? It evens out, right?]. We both began checking pockets and drawers and any other place we thought the wallet may be hiding. It didn’t turn up. Husband began to feel nervous. We decided to look again on Saturday and I’d pay the dinner bill.

Saturday began and the wallet did not reveal itself, even after looking again in many places we’d checked before. Husband proclaimed that if it wasn’t found by Tuesday, he was going to call and cancel all of his cards (all 2 of them) and get a new driver’s license. I said I thought we’d find it by then, it was probably some place we thought we looked, but didn’t look closely enough.

Sure enough, Sunday morning broke and the wallet was found in a chest pocket of a jacket that he doesn’t wear frequently, but did wear to the gym on Tuesday.

Why wasn’t I more worried? Because of three things: 1) I honestly did not believe that his wallet would have been found by anyone with malicious intent, and 2) I monitor our finances very closely with and saw no strange charges, and 3) identity theft insurance. Maybe someone would have found it in March when all the snow melts, if it were dropped in a snowbank, but by then the cards would have been cancelled and our insurance would have been notified.

Honestly, the few dollars a month that the insurance costs us (as an add-on with our renters’ insurance) offers a lot of peace of mind in situations like this. Also, knowing that most of the credit cards are stored safely at home and not in our wallets helps, too. What other strategies would you use in the event of a loss of private data or identify theft?

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