Smart consuming

Last week, our hair dryer died. It was a fairly inexpensive thing I’d bought 7 years ago, so I was fine with replacing it. I always thought it was kind of heavy, which made it annoying to use for the 10+ minutes it would take to dry my hair.

Instead of just stopping in at Target, I first went to Consumer Reports. My parents are long-time subscribers, and I can access the online database of reviews with the login my parents shared with us. I searched “hair dryer” and quickly came up with a listing of the top tested models. The first two were out of my price range ($70+) but the third item on the list was a Revlon model for $20! It was rated highly, and I clicked over to to confirm that they had it at my nearby store. They did, and it was in my hot little hands later that night.

I love the thing. It dries my hair in 5 minutes, and it’s got an ionic drying feature that makes for hair that is dry but not too fluffy/staticky. It’s like my hair air-dried, except better.

I recently subscribed to Consumer Reports newest magazine, ShopSmart. I’ve only received a couple issues so far, but I’m liking that it does comparisons of brand name vs. generic products, and highlights rip-offs. Part of living in a society that places such an emphasis on consuming makes it difficult to resist the urge to fill that Target cart with $100 of stuff every time I’m there. But I’m learning that checking into products before buying can often mean I get a better product for less money. That’s just smart.

3 thoughts on “Smart consuming

  1. Ooh, I hadn’t heard of ShopSmart…we subscribe to the print version of Consumer Reports but ShopSmart sounds very useful too. Any thoughts on how they compare?

  2. I would say that ShopSmart is definitely geared more toward women. It reads a bit like a cross between Consumer Reports and Real Simple. I also get Real Simple. 🙂

  3. Hmm, very interesting! I may have to try to convince my husband to switch. Real Simple is always my first choice in waiting rooms.

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