Need vs. want

This is one of those lessons we learn as small children: what a need is, and what a want is. We need food, clothing, shelter. We want pizza, video games, and a nice couch. Right now, I feel like I’m struggling with this, just like a child would who really, really wants that puppy in the window.

I really, really want that puppy in the window.

Back story: my sister lives in another state while she attends graduate school, and when I visited her last Thanksgiving, I got to meet her roommate’s pet dachshund. I loved him. I knew I wanted a dog at some point, but meeting that little guy just made my desire more real. I researched dachshund breeders in my state and found a few great options. Flash forward to the end of July this year, and my sister got a dog. What did she get? A dachshund. Oh, the jealousy.

Realistically, we cannot have a dog right now because we live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. Plus we always said that we wanted to live in a house before getting a dog. Thus, with our lease up for renewal soon, we’ve been looking around for other options. It seems as though nothing meets our requirements of 1) cheap, 2) allows dogs, 3) house/duplex, 4) garage/laundry. We’ve found places but they’ve either been far too sketchy for our taste, not in the area of town we like, or perfect but much too expensive.

I spent some time with my trusty financial spreadsheets and compared our current debt free plan with what it would cost us to move into a more expensive place. I didn’t like the numbers I saw. The dog is definitely a want, and while being debt free is also a want in some ways, I’ll be able to someday get a dog without worry that something will happen and a trip to the emergency vet is needed, setting me back $1,000 or more.

2 thoughts on “Need vs. want

  1. I know what you mean! I often find myself thinking about possible home improvement ideas/projects, but most frequently I have to remind myself that they all fall under the “want” category and thus must wait.

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