customer service report

I opened an Ally account about a week ago and so far, have had to contact customer service twice. This is neither bad nor good. I’ll explain.

My last name consists of two names, my maiden name and my husband’s name, no hyphen, just a space. It’s like Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Ralph Vaughan Williams. However, in trying to verify an external account with my Ally account, the web form wanted me to enter my last name with no spaces or characters. I tried various permutations of my name but nothing worked. I tried an online chat with Ally customer service, but as helpful as they were, they couldn’t verify the account, either, due to the space in my last name. He took my number and said I’d receive a call.

I did get a call the next day, and when I called back, the customer service was also helpful but couldn’t verify the account. They tried two more test deposits with my external account and said to call if I had problems verifying with the new test deposits. Today, I logged in and verified the account with no problems. I got an entirely different web form this time which didn’t ask me to enter my name. I just logged in and clicked ‘Verify’ and it worked. I also got my signature card in the mail very quickly so should have a debit card in no time.

My husband shares the double-barrelled last name, and we are used to weird things happening with our name the way it is and I know that we chose for it to be this way, so I am generally good-natured when something like this happens.

My two interactions with Ally customer service were very pleasant, short conversations, and I never had to wait on hold. The problem was fixed in a few days, so thus far I feel neutral to positive about the account experience so far.

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