Late bloomers

My husband and I are, for lack of a better term, late bloomers when it comes to being on sturdy financial footing. We both took so long to be out of school and in real ‘adult’ jobs, that now we’re staring 30 in the face without much to show for it other than some diplomas and cheap IKEA furniture in our tiny one-bedroom apartment.

It’s tough not to compare ourselves to other friends who have more material goods than we do. It also sucks to see friends struggle with money.

I guess the lesson is to be grateful for what we do have, and not be envious of what others do have. I have learned that, even though someone may have a huge house or brand new car, doesn’t mean that they can really afford it, thanks to credit and monthly payment plans. Sometimes what appears to be a blessing is actually a curse.

For now, I feel lucky to have what we do, and I have a wonderful life, even without a lot of extravagance.

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