I love payday

I really love paydays. Since I get paid every other week, and so does my husband, but on opposite weeks, a paycheck arrives in our account every single week. I love watching that net worth change each week in my Mint.com account. I also love knowing we’re taking home the right amount. What do I mean by that?

I recently checked that our federal income tax withholding is accurate. I used this easy calculator from the IRS. Since I adjusted my withholding a few months ago, it looks like we’re on target to be within that sweet $25 range (either having to pay less than $25 in taxes, or get a refund of less than $25).

Now, I love getting a tax refund as much as anyone, but my husband and I decided that rationally, it didn’t make sense to give the government an interest-free loan of our money. We could be paying down our own debt with that money, or actually getting some small amount of interest in a savings account, or even putting that money into our IRAs for our new life in Spain in 2045… kidding. Maybe.

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