I am cursed with a love for the finer things in life. Don’t ask me why, but even as a child, when the Christmas catalogs started rolling in, I always managed to want the most expensive thing in the entire catalog. On every page of the catalog, too, for that matter.

I still love more expensive things, including, but not limited to, jewelry, electronics, craft beer, and the PRECOR AMT 100i machine at my gym. Okay, so the beer and the machine don’t cost a lot, but added up, it’s much like someone else’s costly daily Starbucks run. Also, buying my own 100i machine would run about $8K, which makes the $45/month gym fee seem like small potatoes. The cost of the machine is roughly 14 years of membership fees, so I’m calling it good.

[And I know that if I skipped the craft beer entirely, the whole gym thing would be less necessary, but that’s another issue that has nothing to do with finances.]

All of this to say that I’m going to try a new way of handling my desire for nice things. I opened a few more ING savings accounts (easy with ING!) and labeled them with my savings goals. So now I’ve got a gym membership fund, a travel fund, and a bling fund. I don’t think I’ll be able to add to the latter two accounts every month, but if I don’t spend my portion of fun money each month, I’ll put it into savings instead, and have my husband also add any of his leftover fun money to the travel account, too.

I’m also going to add the gym fee, which we paid up front last year, to our monthly budget and just save that amount each month to go toward the renewal come this fall. I also think seeing that dollar amount in the budget will goad me into going more often, since right now mentally it seems ‘free’ since all I do is show my card at the front desk and I’m in. Not so. I already manage to get there 2-3 times a week, but I’d like to make it more like 4-5, since it pays dividends in the form of stress busting and caloric burn… and I want awesome muscles, which doesn’t come easily or cheaply.

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