Financial Gender Roles

More information from the National Marriage Project distilled in this article, “Five tips for Marital Bliss“, that I found intriguing:

-Make your own homemade goods
-Earn a college degree
-Pay off your credit cards
-Reverse the financial gender roles
-Work outside of the home

Obviously all of these have financial implications. We don’t do so well on making our own homemade goods, but we try; since my husband works in residential treatment, he has many meals there and I find myself cooking for one. We need to be better with leftovers, I guess. The other tips are easier for us, since we both probably spent way too much time in school. In fact, we were both students working on 2nd degrees when we got married.

The financial gender roles aren’t quite switched, since we have separate investments but have very similar investment goals, but we do find that grocery and Target runs that we make together keep us ‘in check’ more than trips we make solo. Or, at least, I don’t browse clothes when he tags along!

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