Premature celebration

So last Friday I was excited that my student loans finally seemed to be in one place, but I guess I celebrated prematurely, because yesterday I got a letter stating that a chunk was now at my original servicer. Get that? I don’t. Customer service people I talked to didn’t understand it either. It’s going to be researched by the Federal Student Loan Consolidation Research Department. Doesn’t that sound official?

I got forbearance for one account, and I’m hoping it gets resolved before that runs out; they gave me 12 months, but I’m not holding my breath. I wrote a very scathing letter to the FSA Ombudsman who wrote me back (FINALLY) last week. The last line was:

This is seriously very upsetting and I can’t understand how and why this has happened. If a private business did this to its customers, it would be reported to the Better Business Bureau and have a rating of F-.

Needless to say, I’m unhappy with this development. My loans exist in two places simultaneously. If I could do that, I’d get a job in my second location and pay off these stupid loans in a year.

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